AIAA Transition Modeling Workshop-I

The 1st AIAA CFD Transition Modeling and Prediction Workshop was held on January 21-22, 2021 in conjunction with the AIAA SciTech Forum.  The workshop announcement is available here.  A majority of the workshop presentations may be accessed online by clicking on the presenter name and/or the presentation title from the final agenda for the workshop that is posted here.

All stakeholders are cordially invited to be a part of this workshop, which aims to

  • Assess the current state of the art in laminar-turbulent transition prediction in an industrial CFD environment
  • Determine and document the best practices for transitional flow simulations
  • Verify transition and turbulence model implementations, and
  • Encourage risk-taking by participants and to promote improvements to CFD prediction capabilities

The 1st AIAA CFD Transition Modeling and Prediction Workshop was modeled after the AIAA Drag Prediction Workshop (DPW) and High-Lift Prediction Workshop (HiLiftPW) series. The primary test case addressed during the first workshop was the natural-laminar-flow variant of the Common Research Model (CRM-NLF) developed by NASA; however, additional verification cases were also studied as part of this workshop. A full description of the various test cases may be found here.  Both structured and unstructured grids for each test case have also been made available by the organizing committee:

Participants were also permitted to generate their own families of grids for the primary test case involving the CRM-NLF configuration.  The guidelines to be followed in generating the CRM-NLF grids are available here.

Participation in the transition modeling studies is not required to attend the AIAA Transition Modeling Workshops — everyone is welcome! Open forums and discussions are included within the workshop agenda to encourage cross-pollination of ideas and best practices between the participants and other attendees. AIAA membership is not required to attend the workshops; however, workshop registration is done through AIAA.

Here is a list of the links to the various documents and datafiles referenced above:

Workshop announcement

Workshop presentations